Treat Otitis With This Amazing Mixture

It’s the season of viral infections and diseases, and otitis can give us many troubles if we don’t treat it properly. A very effective herbal remedy to treat otitis is made of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

Note! This mix is good only for light otitis, very serious ones will be handled only by specialists.

There are many chemical solutions that can be dropped into the ear to cure these conditions, but this homemade remedy is extremely powerful and efficient and has better results than those we find at the pharmacy.
The cure we are talking about is 100 percent natural and contains only two ingredients: white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

White vinegar is a very strong antibiotic and an antimicrobial agent that attacks the infection. Not only that fights against the infection, but also relieves the pain, dries the ear and removes the earwax.

Here is the recipe!

Mix one part rubbing alcohol with one part white vinegar. Take a spoon of this mixture and dip your finger in it. Lean your head to one side and hold your finger over the ear so the drop to enter inside the ear. Stay in this position for one minute, then turn your head in straight position. Thus, the excess of the composition will be removed.

Repeat this procedure twice a day and you’ll get rid of the remaining water in the ear, the earwax and the ear infection.

Attention! If you do not feel any improvement within three days after this treatment, then you must go to the doctor. Also, before you try this natural treatment is better to consult a doctor.

We remind you that this home remedy had miraculous effects on many people and is recommended in treating minor ear infections or pains.

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