What Is Your Headache Telling You? 6 Most Important Warning Signs.

Thunderclap headache is nothing to clap about
It can be an indicator of a number of health problems. The scariest of these is a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which can be life-threatening.

Head injury
Some people risk head injury for a living and though this is a fact of life (hockey, boxing, football, etc. are not possible without risk of injury), pain needs to be monitored to keep serious problems from developing.

Breakfast headache
If you’re waking up wanting to rip your hair out BEFORE finding out you have nothing to wear, you may have a headache that needs attention. These diseases may include brain tumors, sleep apnea, and severe high blood pressure.

There is something in medicine known simply as “The worst headache of your life”
It’s unclear what causes these monsters, but they usually strike in one part of the head and make it nearly impossible to live a normal life until the headache decides to leave you alone.

All the other unusual feels that you get above the shoulders
Take note if you notice headache-related changes in vision, digestion, mood, neck tension and irritability.

A chart and everything! You’re welcome!
Headaches can be serious or not, depending on what causes them. Having a visual way of describing your problem will help health-care professionals classify your headache accurately and get you the help you need (although, you’re probably fine, don’t freak out).

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