Homemade Sea Buckthorn Oil Cream For Perfect Hands

Sea buckthorn oil has regenerating and rejuvenating effects and is used in many herbal treatments for hair care or skincare. It is also rich in minerals, organic acids, sugars, flavonoids, fatty oil and vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin F, a blend of essential fatty acids and CoQ10.

CoQ10 found in sea buckthorn oil is a nutritional supplement used not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the cosmetic industry. Thanks to it, sea buckthorn oil has antioxidant properties and slows the body aging process.

Sea buckthorn oil cream recipe

Sea buckthorn oil cream is perfect to protect your hands against daily skin dehydration. Put a few drops of sea buckthorn oil in a container over a steam bath, 30 grams beeswax and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

You’ll get a smooth hand cream with a pleasant texture which will be absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving a fat film, common in many commercial creams. In addition, it will effectively soften, moisturize and regenerate your hands skin.

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