Best Ways to Get Rid of Sunburn: Quick and Effective Relief

No matter how much we warn you against the damaging effects of UV sun exposure, you’ll still probably get at least one sunburn this summer.

However, too much sun exposure can cause serious damage to your skin, leaving it dehydrated, wrinkly, aged, and even causing skin cancer.

The mildest form of sunburn appears as redness on fair skin or darkening of the skin by a shade or two in people with darker skin. The area may feel hot to touch, and you may feel a slight burning sensation.

What you need at this stage is a soothing face wash, or if the burn is widespread, a gentle body bath formula that will help take away the heat.

Here are the most effective ways to get rid of sunburn fast:

Aloe Vera ice cubes

Tear some of the lower leaves of the plant. This should be over 3 years old, so they have all useful qualities. Wash them and remove the spines. Pass the leaves and pour the mixture into a gauze or gauze cloth. Press out the juice into an ice cube tray. Put the tray in the freezer.

If you have these little helpers in your freezer, you have found a quick and easy way to help relieve sunburns.


If you apply honey to the affected area, the skin will regenerate faster. Honey has a strong antibacterial effect and has been used for thousands of years to treat skin problems or even superficial wounds.

Apple vinegar

Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and cools the skin when it evaporates. Apply compresses soaked in water-diluted vinegar (50%) to help your skin balance your natural pH and to reduce the burning sensation.

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