Quick and Effective Way to Get Rid of Blisters at Home

Blisters are very thin vesicles containing a translucent liquid. They form on the hands or feet, due to repeated rubbing or pressure on a rough surface. Irritation occurs first, then the separation of epidermal tissue from underlying dermis.

Blisters are a self-defense mechanism used by the skin to protect underlying tissues. If friction continues, blister can pop and skin will get infected. Blisters are very painful and have a long-lasting healing time.

If blister become red, yellow or surrounded by reddish areas, then it’s most likely infected and you should see a doctor.

Here is a quick and effective way to treat a blister at home:

– it is best not to pop the blister because the skin that covers it is a mechanical barrier against the infection;
– cover it with a patch and try protect the area from moisture and heat;
– apply a local antiseptic to increase anti-infection measures and to ensure complete regeneration.

If the blister occurs in extreme painful areas that prevent you from doing certain activities, you need to pop it. For this:

– you need to sterilize a needle by keeping it under the flame until it turns red or by immersing it in rubbing alcohol;
– pierce the blister in one extremity with the needle;
– once pierced, gently press the blister until you remove the liquid;
– don’t remove the skin that covers the blister (it can still be a mean of protection);
– cover the skin with a patch and change it daily.

Proceeding accordingly, you’ll get rid of a painful blister in just a few days!

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