How to Clear Your Child’s Runny Nose Fast and Naturally

Even if we already looking for summer, we need to know that in this period cold days can alternate with the warm ones. These temperature variations can especially affect young children, and may increase the predisposition to develop colds or respiratory illness.

Unfortunately, they bring a bunch of unpleasant symptoms, including a runny nose. Here we have a few natural remedies that can have the best effect on your child’s health. Carefully watch your baby to see if symptoms get worse. If so, stop thinking and go to the pediatrician!


When your child does not feel well because of the runny nose, you should know that saline is one of the most recommended remedies for this problem.
This solution will cleanse the nose of all irritating agents, facilitates mucus removal and will ease breathing.

How to prepare:

• Mix 1/4 tablespoon of salt with a cup of boiled water, cooled at room temperature.
• Put a few drops of the solution in one of the baby’s nostrils.
• Put pressure on the other nostril and extract excess mucus with a syringe.
• Repeat the procedure for the other nostril.

For optimal results, it is advisable to use saline three times a day.

Steam inhalation

Steam inhalations will considerably reduce discomfort caused by the runny nose and will help your little one to sleep better.

Here’s what to do:

For young children – Stay along with your child in the bathroom where hot water has recently been run, like after someone has a hot shower. Stay together in the in the bathroom and inhale the steam, but not too long.
For older children – You can use steam inhalations. Put a bowl of hot water in front of your child and cover his head with a towel. Of course, before you show him how to proceed. Ask him to inhale steam for 5-10 minutes and then to blow his nose.
• You can repeat several times a day until the situation improves.


Due to its strong antiseptic properties, garlic is an effective remedy for the runny nose.
You can treat your baby (older than 3 years old) with garlic by carefully following the guidelines below:

• Crush 3 garlic cloves until a paste is formed. Show your child how to inhale the garlic flavor.
• Add garlic in hot chicken soup and give it to your baby. Garlic will enhance the beneficial effect of the soup by stimulating immunity and speeding up healing.
• Cut 3 garlic cloves into very small pieces and boil them (in a cup of water) for 3-5 minutes. Mix it well and add a little sugar.
Give a few teaspoons to your child once a day to relieve the unpleasant symptoms caused by the runny nose.

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