Coarse Salt Remedy To Get Rid Of Those Extremely Painful Earaches

Salt is a natural ingredient that can get rid of pain in minutes, especially those severe ear aches.
Toothaches or ear pain is awful, and often painkillers don’t help. But why taking so much pills when you can try a natural remedy that calms the discomfort and will get back on your feet in a few hours. The effects of this treatment have been scientifically demonstrated, according to many doctors.

To get rid of the pain, you need:

– a mug of sea salt
– a clean white cotton sock

Take a clean pan and leave it on low heat for 4-6 minutes. Be careful to rotate the pan every minute to heat up well every area. Then put the salt in the sock, tie at one end, and then let in in the pan for 5-6 minutes. You don’t have to let it heat up too much. Put the salt sock over the infected ear or on the side where you have the painful tooth, and you will feel better in a few minutes. Keep in mind, however, that this remedy won’t treat the disease, but it will alleviate the pain considerably. Afterward, you should see a doctor.

Image Credits: Healthy-holistic-living

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