Cornstarch Method To Get Rid Of Skin Irritations After Hair Removal

Hair removal pain can be different, depending on the method you choose to use to remove your hair. But it doesn’t matter the method you choose to remove your hair, irritations will appear, and this is a major problem.

Immediately after hair removal, the skin is more sensitive, it dries excessively, and this causes irritations and ingrown hairs. All this prevents women from getting that fine and velvety skin they dream of, and this problem is becoming increasingly disturbing.

1. Get rid of irritations caused by hair removal with corn starch

Corn starch is an ingredient used very often in the cosmetic industry. To soothe the irritated areas, corn starch is mixed with water and the paste obtained is applied in places where the skin is irritated. After 10 minutes, the paste should be removed with lukewarm water.

Apply this mixture every time you remove your hair, and you won’t face with a skin rash!

Image Credits: Livestrong

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