How My Grandma Got Rid Of Warts In A Few Days

Warts are skin rashes caused by HPV infection. Although contagious, they may disappear by themselves in about two years. However, if you want to get rid of them earlier, you can remove it using different methods. If cauterization is not an option, then you can resort to natural remedies, and the one below it definitely works, because it was tested by my grandmother: the one who actually “sold me” this remedy.

Treatment with onions, potatoes and figs

If you want to get rid of warts as soon as possible, you can choose a natural treatment based on onions, potatoes or figs.

Onion: the results may appear within a few days. You need to rub the warts with onion slices several times a day. It’s pretty easy.

Potato: another option is to apply a bandage made from a slice of raw potato. It needs to be changed several times a day for two weeks. You have to be patience because the wart will definitely disappear.

Figs juice: another effective treatment is dabbing warts with fig juice several times a day. The juice should be applied for a period of two weeks. Figs are very helpful in treating several skin affections, and getting rig of warts is one of them.

You can alternate these 3 remedies, so you can get rid of this unaesthetic skin problem quickly.

Image Credits: Reportshealthcare

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