How To Relieve Severe Sunburn With Potato Slices

Sunburn and sunstroke are the most serious consequences of prolonged and uncontrolled exposure to sunlight. In addition, the tan obtained by prolonged sun exposure it affects health.

Sunburn is manifested by the redness of the skin accompanied by a sensation of fatigue, while the skin has a high temperature. In severe cases there may be fluid swelling on its surface which, in time, breaks, causes itching and cracks in the skin. The first and most important aspect is prevention.

And the best remedy for sunburn is potato slices:

Potato is very famous for treating sunburn, making it the most effective anti-irritant remedy, and also has an anti-inflammatory role.

You need:
– 1 potato
– a piece of gauze

So, wash well and peel the potato. Then cut it into slices, wrap it in a piece of gauze and apply it on the burnt areas, until the burning sensation disappears.

Another option, especially for blisters caused by sunburn, is cabbage. You need cabbage leaves that you have to smash them and apply directly on the affected area of your body by sunburn.

Image Credits: Goodhousekeeping

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