How To Use Lavender Oil To Get Rid Of Car Sickness

Lavender has a special fragrance, and this plant can be used in different ways: in cosmetics, in alternative medicine, and nevertheless to treat car sickness.

Even though lavender has been used initially in cosmetics, due to its properties, this plant has proven to be a great remedy in treating various affections. When I first heard that you can combat car sickness with this plant, I said this is it! It’s a torment for me to go in a car trip and my family enjoys it every second. And taking pills all the time isn’t a solution.

How to combat car sickness with lavender

Use lavender oil, especially prepared for cooking, and put a drop at the base of the tongue, around the navel and behind the ears. This method will help you to get rid of nausea, and you will definitely feel relaxed. So, enjoy car trips and forget about car sickness with lavender oil.

Image Credits: Babyccinokids

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