The Natural Way To Cure And Soothe An Itchy Scalp

Usually, the most common cause of itchy scalp is dandruff. Dandruff can also be accompanied by scabs or bacterial infections. Sometimes it’s a sign of an autoimmune disease.

Other causes of itchy scalp can be allergies to the ingredients used in shampoos and balms.
The most common treatments you will receive from the doctor are antimicrobial creams, cheratolytic solutions, cortisone creams and diet changes.

But, there is another way to get rid of itchy scalp, using natural remedies, and tea tree oil is one of them. This essential oil has highly antimicrobial properties, and relieves inflammation produced by seborrheic dermatitis. Just add a few drops in your hands, and massage the scalp slowly. Let the oil to act for a 1 hour, and then wash your hair like usual.

Another option is to use twice a week, the following hair mask:

You need:

– half an avocado
– 1 banana
– 2 tablespoons of honey

Mash the banana and avocado, and then add the honey. Mix the ingredients until you get a smooth paste. Apply the mask on the scalp and let it act for 20-30 minutes, and then wash your hair as usual.
The symptoms will disappear right after the first use.

Image Credits: Pinsdaddy

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