Youth In A Jar – Honey Based Moisturizer To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the aesthetic problems faced by most women, regardless the age. Whether it’s the polluted environment they live in, the way they care for their skin, or the daily stress that makes their face and skin suffer very much, wrinkles are definitely coming sooner or later.


– 15 g white wax
– 30 g of lily bulb juice
– 7 g of honey
– 6 ml of rose water


Melt the wax at Bain Marie. When liquefied, add the bulb lily juice, honey and water, stirring continuously. Put it aside to let it cool. Keep it in a dark and cold place.

Apply this homemade wrinkle moisturizer every night, and let it act until morning. Apply it daily, and over time you will see remarkable effects.

Image Credits: Herbsandoilshub

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