Deep Heat Ointment To Tame Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Oh dear! Living with osteoarthritis is pretty hard, because every little step can be a real challenge and it may increase the chances of a flare-up. Stiff joints, pain while moving, inflammation and tenderness are just a few symptoms of osteoarthritis! The thing is that this disease develops in different stages and can respond very well to treatment if it’s detected early.

Definitely, medical treatments for such condition should be discussed with your doctor, but you can also reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis with natural remedies.

I have moderate osteoarthritis in my right knee and mild in the rest of the joints, and climbing the stairs is my main challenge – you just can’t climb them without placing most of your weight on the handrails. Even this option is extremely painful. It’s too bad and painful that there’s no cure for arthritis!

Although, the only natural remedy I’m using to keep this disease under control and ease the painful symptoms is to eat plenty of green vegetables and have a balanced diet. But, I decided one day to take it slow on the drugs (too much Vicodin for 1 person) and I start eating cherries after reading an article online. There’s nothing to lose if you eat 5-8 tart red cherries per day because it will reduce inflammation drastically. Honestly, I didn’t lose anything, on the contrary, I feel great for over 8 months. It still hurts sometimes, but I never felt severe pain in my knee or in other joints.

In addition to this diet changing plan I use to ease osteoarthritis pain, I often massage my knee with a homemade ointment, also found online which is absolutely fantastic. Most of the time, I apply the ointment before going to sleep. This way I prevent waking up at night with a bad knee pain.


  • 2 cups coconut oil (or olive oil)
  • 1/4 cup beeswax
  • 1 tablespoon habanero powder

How to prepare:

  • Add oil and beeswax to the top pot in your double boiler.
  • Warm over medium heat.
  • As the oil and wax mixture melts, stir them to integrate them.
  • Add the pepper powder. Stir.
  • Optional: Strain the mixture through cheesecloth while it’s still liquid to remove the small pepper solids.

While warm, pour the ointment in containers. I used small Mason Jars with lid, but any salve container is good. Store the ointment in the refrigerator after each use because it will last for almost a month.

As an osteoarthritis patient I’ve been through a lot, but the last 8 months were less painful and it may feel like dancing, too.

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