5 Warning Signs Of Lung Disease You Might Be Ignoring

These symptoms are considered normal often, especially among smokers, but these are the first signs of lung problems. You must not longer ignore them and go see a pulmonologist. These are the most important signs that your lungs are suffering and they should not be ignored because they can lead …

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See What Happens If You Sleep Only On Your Left Side

Getting a good night’s sleep is pivotal for our health, body, mind, and our mood, especially since we spend one-third of our lives asleep. By sleeping on your left side, you may find that your body becomes more efficient at removing waste and toxins from your body as well as …

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Best Natural Remedies Against Scabies Bites

Mites are small arachnids parasites that feed on insects, plants and animals, including humans. These microscopic insects are hidden under the skin causing scabies, an extremely itchy and contagious infection. The scabies mites lay eggs under the skin and feed with skin secretions. They may go unnoticed until the skin …

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How To Cleanse And Revitalize Your Lungs

Lungs are vital organs and for their good functioning they must be cleansed of toxins. Learn how to do that. Even if you can’t control the air you breathe, there are some methods that will help you cleanse your lungs. First, it is important to breathe properly. There are many …

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9 Signs You Have Thyroid Problems

If you feel you have no energy, you have gained weight or you have allergies, it may be due to thyroid. Here are some signs that your thyroid does not work properly and you should make a visit to the doctor. 1. Unexplained fatigue Sudden and unjustified fatigue is the …

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