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9 Natural Remedies For Sunburn

You forgot to use sunscreen and you got sunburn? It’s okay, next time you will know better how to protect yourself. Specialists recommend 9 remedies that will relieve sunburn and will help you avoid those unsightly blemishes on the skin. 1. Aloe Whether it’s in cream or gel or leaves, …

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Best Natural Remedies Against Scabies Bites

Mites are small arachnids parasites that feed on insects, plants and animals, including humans. These microscopic insects are hidden under the skin causing scabies, an extremely itchy and contagious infection. The scabies mites lay eggs under the skin and feed with skin secretions. They may go unnoticed until the skin …

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Get Rid Of Bad Vaginal Odor With These Natural Remedies

If the problem is due to infection, it is associated with other symptoms such as redness, itching, burning, irritation. Regardless the reason, the smell can be embarrassing. There are many natural remedies for treating bad vaginal odor and returning it to normal. Vinegar Due to its antiseptic properties, vinegar is …

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How To Cleanse And Revitalize Your Lungs

Lungs are vital organs and for their good functioning they must be cleansed of toxins. Learn how to do that. Even if you can’t control the air you breathe, there are some methods that will help you cleanse your lungs. First, it is important to breathe properly. There are many …

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